Uk49s lunchtime Results For Today 25 December 2021

The 49s Corporation UK has announced the latest Lunchtime Results on 25 December 2021. This page will be updated every Sunday to include all of the UK 49s Lunchtime Results for the next seven days.

The lunchtime Results on 25 December Are below. 


Hot and Cold Balls

Based on results from UK49s Lunchtime Results over the years, 49s Ltd has found that the most often drawn winning numbers, or hot and cold balls, mostly remain the same. In addition, 47, 37, 15, 19, 23, and 31 are underwater, with 18 bubbling under. There have been 2254 draws of the number 4, which is the least drawn. Check previous Lunchtime Results

Hot and Cold Balls for the past month for Lunchtime Result

Additionally, over the past four weeks, there have been 13 draws for the hot balls 3, 4, and 38.

Moreover, the hot balls for the past month are 49, 30, and 42 – which have been drawn respective numbers 4, 4, and 3.


Even for irregular playing balls, predicting some careful rewards might be difficult. However, not many balls are there, and the next few are in closer proximity to the prizes. Consequently, you were only allowed to research those ball numbers and otherworldly balls. This is helpful for the UK 49s lotto today’s two draws.

There has consistently been an equivalent number of balls every year, 37, 37, 19, 18, 15, and 23

A group of 17 gurgling children

This is a rehashed and helpful drawing for now

The referenced numbers are fast and accurate. In any case, you can make your own lucky numbers by likewise following these easy thoughts.

Updated: 25/12/2021 — 10:12 AM
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