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Uk49s Teatime Results

Today’s UK49s Teatime Results have been announced. Find out the results of 49s Teatime Results 2022 here. On a daily basis, we update all results.

Uk 49 Teatime Results Are as Follows

Result Date
6 October 2022
  • 6

  • 17

  • 28

  • 31

  • 33

  • 37

  • 36

  • 5 October 2022
  • 15

  • 20

  • 22

  • 24

  • 43

  • 46

  • 18

  • 4 October 2022
  • 8

  • 25

  • 35

  • 41

  • 43

  • 48

  • 29

  • 3 October 2022
  • 8

  • 12

  • 16

  • 24

  • 33

  • 46

  • 10

  • 2 October 2022
  • 3

  • 14

  • 21

  • 29

  • 35

  • 45

  • 4

  • 1 October 2022
  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 12

  • 15

  • 35

  • 5

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    Teatime results for the UK for 2022

    This helpful post about UK 49 teatime’s results is hoped to have been helpful for you. Here is a brief summary of Uk 49’s teatime results and teatime lottery predictions. I wish you success.

    Uk49 Teatime Results Timing

    The TeatimeResults Draw happens every weekday at 5:00pm (UK time) from February through October, and at 4:00pm during the rest of the year.

    UK49s teatime prediction

    Uk 49s Teatime Lottery is being played by the lottery players. Lottery winners are extremely conscious of their chances of winning. Therefore, the Teatime Lotto is won by using many techniques. On the internet, you can find many strategies and tips. These tips can’t have relied on 100 percent the following tips will help you to prepare yourself for your upcoming Teatime Lotto Results game.


    A breakdown of the teatime prizes in UK49s

    As a result of an asymmetrical betting structure, you create a prize structure that has no symmetry at all except in terms of the odds. The prize amounts will, accordingly, depend on how much money you choose to wager on the outcomes. Each of the outcomes of the UK49s offers odds ranging from 6-1 for a single number to odds of over 14,000,000-1 for the top prize of seven numbers (6 + Bonus Ball). All the other variants can be determined by the players, except for the odds, which never change.

    Teatime Prize money and bet cost

    In either teatime, the minimum stake (price) is £1. Numbers are picked on a six-digit draw when they match the winning number, and if the same happens on a seven-digit draw, the prize is £6.6. A winner who matches the 6 winning numbers wins £54 and for matching the 7 winning numbers, a winner wins £39 respectively.

    For the 6 number draw, the winning prize is £601 and for the 7 number draw, it is £330 when three numbers match each other. When four numbers match in the 6 number draw, the winning prize is £7,200, and when seven numbers match in the 7 number draw, the winning prize is £3,800. A winning bet in the 6 number draw if it matches 5 of the winning numbers is worth £125,000; similarly, in the 7 number draw, if it matches 5 of the winning numbers, the winning prize will be worth £40,000.If you are also interested in Thai Lottery the you can Also check Thai Lottery website.

    UK49s Teatime Results F&Q

    Can we play UK49s Teatime online?
    Yes, you can play online at any authorized bookmakers.
    What is the draw time for Teatime Results?
    The second UK49s draw, known as the teatime draw which takes place seven days a week from Monday to Sunday and is held in the evening at 05:49 PM (UK time).
    What is the draw time for uk49 Lunchtime Results?
    The first UK49s draw, known as the Lunchtime draw which takes place seven days a week from Monday to Sunday and is held in the afternoon at 12:49 PM (UK time).
    How to win UK49s Teatime?
    Most of the time, hot balls are the numbers drawn. There is a chance of winning the UK49s lunchtime with hot balls. You are not forced to use this type of ball. For enhanced winning chances, you can check the hot and cold ball numbers for upcoming draws every day.
    What are the Lunchtime Hot and Cold Ball Numbers?
    The most common Uk49s hot and cold numbers are 19,20, 41, 13, 26, and 43.

    How many numbers do you need to win Teatime?
    Six numbers plus a bonus number known as the “Booster” are drawn from balls marked 1-49. You can play either the 6 or 7 number draw (which includes the Booster ball to increase your chances of winning).

    What type of lottery is the UK 49s lotto?
    The UK49s Lotto is a 6 / 49 lottery game.
    Ticket sales and purchases are not our concern. Don’t be concerned about the winnings. To claim your prize, visit the official website.