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Greece Powerball, also known as Joker, is drawn three times a week on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 22:00 Eastern European Time (EET). Tickets will be available until 21:30 EET. Learn how to increase the chances of winning by playing your selected numbers here. Here you can find the results of the latest draws.

Greece Powerball Results

The latest results of Greece Powerball generated the following numbers: Odds of winning Greece Powerball prizes

Thursday 6 January 2022 07 10 19 30 31 20
Tuesday 4 January 2022 01 07 13 18 36 15
Sunday 2 January 2022 01 04 11 16 23 20

Greece Powerball Reviews

As well as known as the Greece Powerball, Joker is an online draw-type lotto belonging to OPAP’s portfolio in Greece. The game was created in 1997 and shares similarities with world lotteries and their Powerball counterparts. As well as great rewards, the game offers great fun. In many ways, Tzoker has succeeded in its goal to win winnings beyond imagination. 

In this Mediterranean country, it is one of the more rewarding lotteries. OPAP retail agencies sell Tzoker tickets to thousands of people who hope the money they win could change their lives. The game has won more than one billion euros in jackpots since it began. In all, close to 1.5 billion euros was awarded to winners in the lower prize tiers. You will need to learn this game from scratch if you want to become a millionaire with it.

The Greece results tonight can be accessed by bookmarking our site. Additionally, please forward this page to your loved ones and friends! Listed below are the Greece Powerball results for today in our information section. Nonetheless, keep an eye out for the latest lucky numbers so you don’t miss out. Check out this week’s Greece Powerball results

Rules to Play Greece Powerball

✔️ Date and time must be accurately spelled out, they must not be erroneous.

✔️ Once you have won the lottery, you can contact the official outlet.

✔️ If you don’t, you should not trust any unauthorized retailers selling you tickets otherwise you won’t be able to receive the winning amounts.

✔️ To participate in this draw, you must be at least 18 years old.

✔️ During the first two days following a winner’s announcement, they must claim their prizes.

✔️ The player must contact the outlet management if he or she does not claim the prize by the deadline.

Greece Powerball Criteria & Prizes

Division 7 is the most frequent winner (2 correct numbers + Powerball). A correct number and a Powerball are in Division 7. Such a prize is won by the player at the maximum. Two euros are required.

Furthermore, Division 6 follows Division 7. Division 6 (3 correct numbers) is perfect for those who enjoy playing and winning. Their price is also €2.00.

The final divisions are Division 4 (4 Correct Numbers) and Division 5 (3 Correct Numbers including the Powerball). In order to obtain the lottery ticket, you must spend $50.00 and have a very good chance of winning.

Greece Powerball Results

Greece Powerball Jackpot

You can view the history of Greece Powerball jackpots by utilizing the jackpot history tool. Analyze, compare, and predict the next Greece Powerball jackpot using the data.

Greece Powerball Estimated Jackpot

Football Prognostics Greek Organization S.A. The Greece Powerball, or Joker, jackpot for Thursday, 18 March 2022, was €1.900.000 (roughly R33 465 035,29).

Greece Powerball Current Draw & Jackpot History

On 14 February 2022, the Greece Powerball produced a jackpot winner. Approximately R30 million (€1.7 million) was won by the lucky winner.

Greece Powerball Results

It is one of the smallest jackpot amounts in 2022, amounting to 1,900.000 euros (roughly R33 465 035,29).

In January 2022, the previous highest jackpot amount for Greece Powerball was €9.2 million (approximately R172.9 million).

OPAP does indeed have a record of distributing winnings to ten jackpot winners in 2020 alone, having distributed more than €49.4 million (R869.7 million) in total winnings.

Additionally, numbers 31 – 37 – 34 – 30, 21 – 28 – with 41 – remain the most frequently drawn winning numbers per Greece Powerball results over the years. Number 33 has been drawn 191 times, which is the least drawn number.

How to check Greece Powerball Results

It’s critical to check the Greece Powerball results soon after the drawing because winners have a limited amount of time to claim their prize. If you want immediate access to the results, watching the drawing live on TV is a good choice.

There is a website where you can check your ticket and access past results. It also includes information about recent drawings and an archive of past results. Also provided for free are the statistics on the past drawings for all OPAP games.

We also strive to provide you with quick and accurate Greece Powerball results at Lottery Pros. We also offer an archive of our results so you can search for information in the future.

How to Play Greece Powerball?

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, Greece Powerball is drawn. Tickets can be purchased on the Internet and from authorized resellers throughout Greece. Here are the ways you can play:

✔️ One Joker number and five numbers from 1 to 45 can be chosen.
✔️ Choosing more than one number is possible.
✔️ It is possible to enter more than one draw.
✔️ Your entries will be drawn once you have purchased them.

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